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Our Work

Lishy Lou and Lucky Too

Nominated for six Emmys and winning for best performer, this heart warming children's show had a very successful run on PBS and was featured on the Emmy award winning show "The Friday Zone.” Each episode is packed with lessons, fun and music from the multi Latin Grammy award winning Lucky Diaz.




This award winning short film is about Sonny, a small-town woman dealing with the death of her mother and the hurt of her best friend Charlie's abandonment. Following their reunion, we learn about letting go and grief. This heart wrenching film, beautifully shot on location in Nebraska, won the Omaha Film Festival's Best Nebraska Short award.


Two Guys One Truck

This critically acclaimed, comedy Web Series is about two guys, Nick and Kenton, and their attempt to run a successful moving company amongst all the chaos they face from their bazaar clientel and their own stupidity. Two Guys One Truck (a satirical play on the similarly named internet porn phenomenon) was sold to Defy Media. Watch for the new season online.



Hardcore Hearts

Hardcore Hearts is a feature film about a local hardcore metal band in Sacramento, California, Each member of the group has a different religious or moral belief and struggles to juggle their passion for music, faith and friendships. This film mirrors the battles we face as an American society still struggling with it's own religious conflicts, while raising questions about friendship, faith, and ultimately: love.



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About Us

Rise Motion Pictures Productions was formed in 2008 by Danny Herb and has been operating in the greater Los Angeles area. We have since been producing a number of projects including feature films, music videos, short films, TV shows and web series. See our work ABOVE.

In 2016 Danny Herb and Jordan Warren of Save The Princess Films partnered to make Rise Motion Pictures a stronger team.

Rise Motion Pictures' main goal is to produce quality content that rises up like a phoenix from the ashes of all the other content covering the industry in this day and age. Creating quality and compelling stories is more important to us than just making content. CONTACT us to find out more about what we can do for your production.


We will fully produce your content from pre-production to post-production. We will work within your budget to provide the highest quality possible. Our team is not only dedicated to making professional content you'll be proud of, but we do so with a positive approach, making sure you have a pleasent experience.

With a full service production STUDIO, including a 10 ton LIGHTING PACKAGE, 12 years experience, and our long list of professionals we work with, we can make your motion picture dream into a reality, with quality.


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